Ballet Division Families –

 I know it can be confusing deciding which classes to register for in the fall.  Hopefully, these guidelines will help! 

  • First and foremost, if your dancer is a returning student, refer to your spring evaluation to determine which classes to register for.

    Dancers ages 10 and up need to take 2 weekly ballet technique classes* in order to go on pointe.  For a third or fourth weekly class, they can take Pre-Pointe, a Pointe Technique Class, Floor Barre, and/or Stretching/Strengthening/Conditioning.

    • *Ballet Technique Classes that apply are: Level II - Advanced, any Level III Class, Intermediate Technique, Intermediate/Advanced Technique, or Advanced Technique. 

  • It is highly recommended that dancers start taking class twice a week by age 9. 

  • Level III - Advanced through the Advanced Technique Classes require director's permission. 

  • These guidelines are put in place for the dancer's safety. 

  • Dancers who are on pointe must take 2 weekly ballet technique classes and a Pre-Pointe or Pointe Technique Class.  Dancers who are on pointe need to take summer classes in order to keep up their strength.  

  • Dancers who take the months of June through August off will lose strength and will have to go back about 4 to 6 months in their training come September.  These dancers will need to be assessed before fall classes start to see if they are able to register for the classes recommended on their spring evaluations.  

  • Ballet Division Levels, from most beginning to most advanced:

    Creative Movement                          Level III – Beginning

    Pre-Ballet                                           Pre-Pointe – Beginning

    Level I – Beginning                            Level III – Intermediate

    Level I – Intermediate                       Pre-Pointe – Advanced

    Level I – Advanced                            Level III – Advanced

    Level II – Beginning                           Intermediate Technique

    Level II – Intermediate                      Intermediate/Advanced Technique

    Level II – Advanced                           Advanced Technique


  • Dancers in Levels I through II, usually take the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes within their level before advancing to the next level. Dancers may be asked to repeat a level if it is in the dancer’s best interest.  Once reaching Level III, they may remain in a certain class for two or more years. 

  • Supplemental Classes:  Pointe Technique with Beginning/Intermediate, and Advanced Levels, Floor Barre, Stretching/Strengthening/Conditioning, and Adult/Teen Ballet.