Jazz/Tap Division Class Descriptions

Creative Combo:  Encourages free expression while teaching basic elements of ballet, jazz, tap and sometimes even tumbling.  The class reviews rhythm, movement quality, and awareness of space.  Popular children’s music is used along with props and costumes for creativity and fun.  Ages 3 to 5

Intro to Jazz:  For the dancer who has been in Creative Movement and/or wants to try the dance form of Jazz.  Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with popular simple rhythm techniques and fun expression.  We use fun, popular and age appropriate music. Ages 5 to 7

Hip Hop:  One of the most popular and familiar forms of stylized American Dance.  Television and movies utilize the free, rhythmic and fun tones of jazz dance.  In these classes we teach stylized technique along with popular hip-hop moves. It also gives the dancer knowledge in coordination, physical strength and promotes self-confidence. Intro & Beginning through advanced levels; Ages 5 through adult

Contemporary/Lyrical Jazz:  The biggest craze to hit the Jazz dance world since break dancing.  It combines Modern and Jazz technique with a free form of movement and theme, and dance steps choreographed to the lyrics of a song.  It is filled with very technical dance moves that are very visual and fun to perform and watch.  The television show, So You Think You Can Dance has brought this form of dance to everyone’s home and made it extremely popular.  It is an ever-changing style of dance that continues to evolve and keeps us wanting more. Intermediate to Advanced Levels; Jazz experience required.  Ages 11 through adult 

Musical Theater:   Very fun and popular for the dancer who loves to be on stage.  We use Broadway themed songs along with plays and concepts as you see on Broadway or local theaters.  Inspiration comes from plays such as Westside Story, Cats, Hair Spray, In the Heights, etc.  It is a fantastic way to feel like you are in the theater without having to sing or act.  Jazz technique, stylization, expression is also taught in this class which enhances their dance education and future theater opportunities. Beginning to Advanced Levels; Ages 11 and up

Turns/Kicks/Leaps (or TKL):  This class is designed for dancers who want to take their dance training to a higher level.  We learn how to advance our turning, kicking and leaping ability while also working on flexibility and strength. Dancers must have some dance experience before taking this class. Intermediate and Advanced levels; Ages 11 and up

Tap:  Tap classes are the quickest way to develop coordination and rhythmic ability.  Tap is highly recommended for all dancers who desire to have a well-rounded base of knowledge! Beginning to Advanced; ages 8 and up

Modern Improv: Modern/Improvisation focuses on both modern dance technique and dance improvisation for any style. The modern aspect of the class focuses on full-body movement, fluidity, floor work, and lots of contemporary partnering and lifts. Dancers will also become familiar with improvisation: creating movement on the spot without prior planning or choreography. The class will use fun, game-like improv exercises to increase dancers’ confidence and creativity in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Ages 11+

Jazz: One of the most popular and well known forms of dance. Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. In a Jazz class the dancers also learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. It is a wonderful class to get a well rounded variety of all dance steps. Dancers will learn choreography to popular and age appropriate music of today along with vintage styles of jazz from the last decades. This is a perfect class to start your dance training.