Ballet Division Families - 

It is time to order costumes for the 2019 spring productions, "Anastasia" and "Journey to Neverland".  Costumes are ordered early in the dance season to take advantage of early order discounts and to ensure that costumes arrive with plenty of time for exchanges, if necessary.

The Ballet Division classes performing in "Anastasia" are: 
Advanced Tech (Mon 12:00)
Level I - Advanced (Mon 2:00 - homeschool) - Friday Evening Performance Only
Level I - Advanced (Mon 3:30) - Saturday Evening and Sunday Matinee Performances Only
Level II - Advanced (Mon 4:30)
Level III - Advanced/Intermediate Technique (Mon 5:30)
Intermediate/Advanced Technique (Mon 7:00)
Level III - Intermediate (Tue 3:30)
Level III - Advanced (Tue 6:30)
Intermediate Technique (Thu 3:45)
Level II - Intermediate (Thu 4:30)
Level III - Beginning (Thu 5:30)
Advanced Technique (Thu 5:30)
Level III - Intermediate/Advanced (Thu 7:00)
Level II - Beginning (Fri 4:30)
Level III - Beginning/Intermediate (Fri 5:30)
Intermediate/Advanced Technique (Sat 10:00)
Level III - Intermediate/Advanced (Sat 12:00)
Level III - Beginning/Intermediate (Sat 2:00)

The Ballet Division classes performing in "Journey to Neverland" are:
Creative Movement (Mon 10:15)
Creative Movement (Mon 11:00)
Pre-Ballet (Tue 2:30)
Creative Movement (Thu 10:15)
Creative Movement (Thu 11:00 - Miss Chloe)
Creative Movement (Thu 11:00 - Miss Sheri)
Pre-Ballet (Thu 2:30)
Level I - Intermediate (Thu 3:30) 
Level I - Beginning (Fri 3:30)
Creative Movement (Sat 9:00)

To complete the costume ordering process, please follow these steps:    
•Print the appropriate form: "Costume Order Form for the 2018 - 2019 Season - Anastasia" or "Costume Order Form for the 2018 - 2019 Season - Journey to Neverland", and follow the instructions for measuring your child.
•Costume Company charts are posted on the LSOD studio web site.  Go to "Links", then "Costume" to access. 
•Print the "Anastasia & Journey to Neverland Costume Chart" and find the costume company(s) that will be used for your dancer's class(s).  
•Submit the costume order form, along with cash or a check* for the full costume balance, to your dancer's instructor no later than December 1st.  Please enclose the form and payment in an envelope.
*Costumes will need to be paid for by personal check, made out to "LSOD" or by cash.  We are not charging credit cards on file.

Dancers in Level II - Beginning through Advanced Technique Level Classes will be performing in three performances this season.  Because "Anastasia" is a complete story, dancers must commit to all three performances.
Please let us know a.s.a.p. if your dancer will not be performing.  Instructors will soon be working on choreography and need to know who is participating.
You must let us know via the costume order form if your dancer will not perform.  Simply not turning in the paperwork does not count as notification.
Any fees incurred for costumes which need to be returned and exchanged for a different size will be your responsibility.
If we have not received your costume order form by December 1st, a costume will not be ordered for your dancer.
If desired, the instructors will assist you in measuring your dancer.  They will have forms available for you to write down the measurements they take for you.  It will then be your responsibility to look at the charts and choose a size. 
Please carefully read the attached Director's Letter regarding mandatory rehearsal and performance dates.

Thank you,
Shelly Schoendienst
Ballet Division Director
Livermore School of Dance

Click here for the Director’s letter regarding the June Showcase

Click here for the Ballet Division Costume Chart

Click here for the Costume order form for Anastasia

Click here for the Costume order form for Journey to Neverland

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Costume Companies:

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