Hello LSOD families!  Lots of information is covered in this week’s Footnote.  Please share with your dancer!

Welcome Back Everyone:

From Jazz.....We have had a great first week of classes.  It’s been wonderful to see all of our returning families and dancers, and it has also been great to meet our new students to our studio.  We are all experiencing some sore muscles, but have had a blast learning new dance steps, choreography and making new friends.  Keep up the great work!  The first couple of weeks can be crazy with dancers transferring and/or adding classes.  Hang in there!  It will settle down.

From Ballet.....Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 season at LSOD!  The Ballet Division has a lot planned for the dancers, from new ways to improve technique to innovative ways to present "Narnia" and "Dreaming of Oz" to audience members.  We are ready for lots of work and fun and hope the dancers are, too!


A Big Thank You!

Bravo to all the dancers who took Bria Walton’s Master on Saturday, September 11th. You all did amazing.  Her Contemporary/Hip Hop fusion dance was so AWESOME!  I’m very proud of all of you.  Bria loved working with all of you and was very impressed with your ability and performance.  We hope to have Bria back again soon!


Studio Yearly Calendar:

The studio-wide calendar with the specific dates the studio is closed this year is now available on our website.  We suggest you save it and print a copy for your home.


“Hocus Pocus Flash Mob”

Come join us at the “Witches Night Out” event on Wednesday, October 4th.  It will be held at 7:00pm at the Flag Pole Plaza in downtown Livermore.  The event is actually sold out but EVERYONE and ANYONE can participate in the Flash Mob.  All ages are welcome.  We will meet at 7:00pm, go over the choreography, and then perform it with hundreds of other witches.  It is a very easy combination and we encourage everyone to attend.  Come in your best witches hat and costume and join us.  Here is the link for you to learn and practice the dance.  Easy and fun!



Studio Reminders:

·         Please escort young dancers to the bathroom.  There was a soap incident this weekend, where soap was dispensed into the toilet, all over the mirror, and in and around the sink.  Also, the entire stack of paper towels was thrown into the garbage can, unused.

·         Please don't bring any glass containers to the studio.  With the hard floors, they easily break.

·         Gum is not allowed at LSOD.


Ballet Shoes and Tights For Sale at LSOD!

Look for information in the studio bins, on the LSOD website, and in Ballet Division emails regarding items for sale and studio store hours.

What’s Currently Available:

Child Size Footed Tights                                        $  7.50

Child Size Convertible Tights                                $  8.50

Adult Size Convertible Tights                                $  9.50

Child Size Split Sole Leather Shoes                    $16.00

Adult Size Split Sole Leather Shoes                    $19.00

Child Size Split Sole Canvas Shoes                   $14.00

Adult Size Split Sole Canvas Shoes                    $17.00

Child Neoprene Arch* Shoes                                $20.00

Adult Neoprene Arch* Shoes                                $23.00

*Neoprene arch shoes have a stretchable arch and have no laces to tie

LSOD Shopping Hours (the store is upstairs):  Mondays = 11:00 to 11:45 am, 3:00 to 5:00pm; Tuesdays = 2:00 to 2:30pm; Thursdays = 12:00 – 3:00pm

To order shoes:  Try on sample sizes and then place your order. 

To order tights:  There is inventory on hand, but more sizes/styles can be ordered.  Then:  Complete an order form and hand to Shelly or place in the large waiting room “Ballet” mailbox.  Orders will be placed every other week.  If the demand is high, orders will be placed every week.

Please note:  If you are not satisfied with your size or product choice, you will be responsible for paying the return/exchange fee.  Shoes and tights must be returned unworn, with original tags still attached, in new condition, unwashed, and with original packaging.


The Snow Queen Production:

Le Tableau Magnifique Ballet Company will be performing "The Snow Queen" at The Bankhead Theater on Saturday, November 25th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.  This is a great way to kick off the holiday season with a new and exciting winter production.  The dancers have been working hard all summer on choreography, so please support their efforts.  Tickets go on sale Tuesday, October 24th to the general public.


Adult Jazz Class:

Did you know we offer an Adult Jazz class on Tuesday nights at 8:30-9:30pm?  We are now using our punch card system for this class.  Instead of paying monthly tuition you will now be paying per class.  This will give you the freedom to come as you wish and not worry if you miss a week or two.  We use this punch card system for our Adult tap classes as well and it works great!  Below is the price scale.  The more classes you buy the cheaper the price will be for each class.  If you have any questions and or would like to register, please email us back.  Thank you!


1 class drop in = $10

4 classes = $38

8 classes = $72

12 classes = $102

16 classes = $128 (*this is the best buy)


Dress Code:

Encore is a dancewear store located in Dublin at 7182 Regional Street.  Encore has just about everything a dancer may need.  Dancewear items can also be purchased online at Discount Dance Supply.  Their website is www.discountdance.com.  Please use the coupon/teacher code below while completing your order: 

Ballet = TP47657and  Jazz = TP27963

Ballet Division = Pink tights and ballet shoes, leotard of their choice, and a dance skirt or shorts may be worn.  Extra sweats, tank tops, athletic shorts are not to be worn during class.  Hair should be clipped or pinned in a bun.  If too short for a bun, hair should be clipped back behind the ears.  Leg warmers are fine to wear.  The instructors need to see the dancers' lines in order to give appropriate corrections.  If the problem persists, instructors will hand out notices individually to dancers who are not dressed appropriately.  Dancewear items may be purchased at Target or Walmart for our littlest dancers. 

Jazz/Tap Division = Any dancewear including tights leotards, sweats, dance shorts, t-shirts, or clothing that is age appropriate and easy to move in.  Please no midriffs, bra or bra straps showing.  Tap shoes and jazz shoes are recommended for many of the classes. Please ask your teacher or Mickey for more information on what and how to purchase these.  Jazz and Tap shoes are not required for your first week of class.  Please come with a pair of socks or dance in bare feet for your first class. 

Sneakers may be worn for Hip Hop class as long as they have not been worn outside.  Regular tennis shoes and/or hightops are acceptable.  If you wish to wear an older pair of shoes, please wash the bottoms to ensure all dirt and rocks are out of the shoe treads.  Please DO NOT wear these shoes outside.


Sunset Soiree Poster:

Dancers who performed in last month’s Sunset Soiree, please sign the poster that is in the downstairs hallway.  It will be great to have a keepsake and see all your names on it.


Jazz Company Applications:

We still have openings in some of our younger Company groups.  If you are interested in taking your dancing to the next step and love to perform and are interested in joining one of our Companies, then please email us back for more information. 


Taylor Family Foundation:

Last month, LSOD volunteered at Day in the Park!  What a gift it was to continue to give our time and share our talents.  The below link of a clip is just a small piece of what we did.




Life just seems to be getting more complicated, without enough hours in the day!  Answering LSOD emails and phone calls has become a 40+ hours a week job.  This issue has led to other LSOD tasks being left unattended to.  The majority of the email questions we receive can be answered by referring to the LSOD Footnotes, LSOD-sent emails, or the studio website. 

We will no longer address email and phone questions that can be found on our website or in other text.  If you email or call the studio with one of these types of questions, we will refer you to the website.  Please don’t view this as a lack of care or concern, but as an opportunity for us to redirect our attention to providing a better experience for your dancers. 

On another note, we would like to remind everyone to keep waiting room conversation positive and respectful.  Dancers are waiting between classes and are often privy to information that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Please visit a local coffee shop if you want to talk freely during dance classes.  Our goal is to keep the waiting room noise to a minimum so it can truly be viewing time for family members and focus time for dancers.

Thank you for your understanding and support.