Hello LSOD Dancers and Families!

Below is the Footnote information for both Divisions.  Please read and share with your dancer.

Please note the studio is still open for regular classes this Monday, November 12th.  We are not closed for Veterans Day.  If you miss a class, please be reminded of the studio policy that you have two months to do a make-up class at level or below.  Please check the class schedule for availability.


Studio Bathrooms:

Our bathrooms are frequently clogged and the landlord said that this is due to paper towels being flushed.  Parents, please escort your children to the bathroom.  We have already had to replace two toilets, because the blockages could not be cleared.  We appreciate your assistance.


Master Class:

The Jazz Division is happy to host a Master Class with Bria Walton this Saturday, November 10th for Intermediate to Advanced dancers.  Bria will teach a Contemporary fusion style dance for two age groups.  The class times are:

3:00-4:30pm = Intermediate level ages 10-13

4:30-6:00pm = Intermediate/Advanced level ages 14 & up

The class is $25 and will be posted to your Studio Director account.  Please email the studio to register at livermoredance@gmail.com.


New Level III Ballet Class:

Registration opens and class begins this Saturday, November 10th!  The class will run from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm each week and is for dancers at the Beginning to Intermediate stage of Level III.  The class is recommended for the serious Level III student who is looking for more instruction.



Dancers are still being dropped off illegally in front of the studio.  This is very unsafe!  So far, we have been lucky that no accidents have resulted.  We want to avoid anyone getting hurt, so please follow the laws of the road.


Thanksgiving Break:

LSOD will be closed from Monday, November 19th through Saturday, November 24th for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Classes will resume on Monday, November 26th. 


Ballet Division Costume Order Forms:

Costume Order Forms and payment are due by December 1st.  So far, only 10 dancers have turned in their forms.  Costumes must be ordered in December to take advantage of "Early Order Discounts".  Forms with instructions have been emailed twice and are available on the LSOD web site.


A Big Thank You!!!:

Thank you to all the LSOD families who attended Le Tableau Magnifique Ballet Company's productions of "The Snow Queen" this past weekend.  It is always great to have fellow LSOD dancers and family members in the audience to support!  To the Backstage Helpers - what chaos to endure backstage!  We needed every helping hand to make these productions a success.  Thank you for your time and assistance!  To the LTM dancers - fabulous work!  You put on two great shows after having little to no rehearsal time at the Theater.  I was so impressed by your professionalism and drive.  I was moved by your passion and energy for ballet and the production.  I was humbled by your dedication and respect for each other and the Company.  It was a wonderful weekend!  Thank you, Shelly


LSOD Sweatshirts

We are offering LSOD logo sweatshirts for all dancers and family members.  We have two styles to choose from:  a grey hooded pullover or a black zip up jacket.  If you’d like to order one please see Liz Roberts upstairs at the studio next Monday, November 12th from 3:30-5:30pm or Tuesday, November 13th from 3:30-6:30pm.  Liz will be there to take orders.  Please pay by cash or check, payable to LSOD.  If you are unable to come during these listed times, please email the studio and Liz will set a time to meet with you.  All orders must be in by November 15th, as our goal is to get the items by the holiday season.


Save the Date:

Mark your calendars!  Sunday, March 10th. The Jazz Division presents a “Hello Dolly” Broadway Master Class from 9:00-11:00am at the studio.  Participate in the Master Class taught from one of the cast members of Hello Dolly!  Experience what it is like to dance with a Broadway performer and learn a dance from the “Hello Dolly” Broadway hit show.  This Master Class is open for Intermediate to Advanced dancers, ages 10 and up.  Sign-ups and more information to follow in January, 2019.