LSOD has partnered with Discount Dance Supply to offer ballet and jazz clothing and footwear that is appropriate to wear during dance classes.

The below links will take you to the Ballet and Jazz Division Dress Codes through Discount Dance Supply.

By ordering through the LSOD link, you will save on your purchases, because products are offered at a discounted rate.




Another option is Encore, a dancewear store located at 7182 Regional Street in Dublin.  Encore has just about everything a dancer may need. 

BALLET DIVISION:  Please remember that the dress code for Ballet is as follows:  Pink tights and ballet shoes, leotard of their choice, and a dance skirt or shorts may be worn.  Extra sweats, tank tops, athletic shorts are not to be worn during class.  Hair should be clipped or pinned in a bun.  If too short for a bun, hair should be clipped back behind the ears.  Leg warmers are fine to wear.  The instructors need to see the dancers' lines in order to give appropriate corrections. Dancewear items may also be purchased at Target or Walmart for little dancers. 

JAZZ/TAP DIVISION: This Division’s dress code is as follows:  Any dance wear including shorts, sweats, leggings, t-shirts, or clothing that is age appropriate and easy to move in.  Please no midriffs, bra or bra straps showing.  Tap shoes and jazz shoes are recommended for many of the classes. Jazz and Tap shoes are not required for your first week of class.  Please come with a pair of socks or dance in bare feet for your first class. 

Sneakers may be worn for Hip Hop class as long as they have not been worn outside.  Regular tennis shoes and/or hightops are acceptable.  If you wish to wear an older pair of shoes, please wash the bottoms to ensure all dirt and rocks are out of the shoe treads.